Review of Thunder Bay police due out Wednesday morning


The Office of the Independent Police Review Director will release its findings of a review of the Thunder Bay Police Service and its investigative, and community policing practices.

Gerry McNeilly, the review director, launched the investigation in Nov. 2016.

McNeilly’s report will be based on a review of dozens of investigations conducted by the Thunder Bay police.

-Existing policies, practices and attitudes of the Thunder Bay Police Service as they relate specifically to Indigenous missing persons and death investigations, and more generally, to issues around racism-free policing, such as “over-policing” and “under-policing”.

-Whether missing persons and death investigations involving Indigenous Peoples are conducted in discriminatory way.

-The adequacy and effectiveness of existing policies and identified best practices relating to the above issues.

-The adequacy of training and education provided to supervisors and front-line officers relating to the above issue.

-The extent to which compliance with existing policies or identified best practices is monitored and supported.

-The extent to which officers are held accountable for non-compliance

-The extent to which the service communicates with Indigenous family members, communities, and their leaders, engages in community outreach or has specialized liaison units

-The extent to which complaints about the service’s interactions with Indigenous Peoples are inhibited by reprisals or fear of reprisals

-Whether policies, practices, training, education, oversight and accountability mechanisms,
and community outreach should be created, modified or enhanced to prevent discriminatory and ineffective policing, particularly in the context of investigations into the disappearances and deaths of Indigenous Peoples.

For more on the OIPRD’s investigation and stories click here: Thunder Bay Police Review

Follow for the latest on the director’s findings.


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