Residential school survivors can now receive cash for an education

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If you went to a residential school and received the common experience payment you or a family member can now receive 3000 dollars towards getting an education.

APTN’s Malaya Qaunirq Chapman explains.

10 thoughts on “Residential school survivors can now receive cash for an education

  1. Many of us survivors were ripped settlement because of poor record keeping, 1 or 2 maybe more years. Me and my sister were ripped off for 1 year because our attendance could not be determined although 2 of my cousins who were admitted at the same time got it. They would not rely on testimony from other survivors who were there because of privacy reasons. There must be many more like us which probably amounts to millions.

  2. I would like help on my application with commom experience in the day program 1965 -1970 here in Winnipeg.
    I asked around but having no luck with forwarding my application. Sincerely, Richard Paul

  3. Exactly, ….and what does $3000 get you, the first year of school, maybe half a year of school?

  4. booze,bibles an bullets —same old same old,,$3,000.00 to repay sum form of past education, then to apply strings to these dollars an deadlines, not just one but to forms,,omg!!!! within a 9month process,Oct 31st,,there should be no deadline!!!!,ever!!!!,there was no deadline – when they took away the language an culture!!!! must be an election year in Ottawa,,,,oh wait – there all dead now anyways,,,most of these survivors,,,as for being 2nd 3rd generation residential school surivor,,NO THNXX!!! i dont need goverment policing me an my career,,then there will be another study,,,

  5. A pittance.

    And it doesn’t deal with the fact that all First Nations in Canada have a treaty right to post secondary education.

  6. Throw money at it. That will fix it. At least its no longer whiskey they are throwing at us.

    1. I kw it’s not much but for now my husbands daughter can sure use that money to further her nursing degree.i never did agree with the little amount of monies all survivors received in the Beginning ! look at all our people still out there it breaks my heart every time I see them,knowing what they all went thru and this measly 3000 they each received in the beginning was supposed to just make it all go away I don’t think so ! so ya if their throwing that money at the survivors kids why not use it ! as my husband sure can’t use it himself as a result to a accident tht hppnd to him while under the influence of alcohol because of Residential Abuse ! yup that’s what they think of us first nation people always looking down at us always belittling us,but it’s high time we put a stop to this abuse from the Government altogether ! sorry just had to let it all out tired of their BS.

    2. am the first generation raised off reserve. I suffered many emotional scars due to how emotionally broken my family was. My mother had many nightmares and fears and she drank lots to numb her pain. My grandmother lived till she was 74. She drank everything from alcohol to solvents to numb her pain from her childhood memories. I never understood , I was ashamed of my family …until I learned the truth of all that happened to my family through education and the wails of their cries in the night …in their prison of the past pain the hurts they could not heal from. My grandmother died waiting compensation for her residential school experiences… that was back in 1994. Then her claim was forgotten, most of her sisters and brothers died the same way waiting… I lost my mother August 2013 … Her statements were recorded with her Lawyer and she was waiting her day in court. she had a stroke and died. She was going to take her family on a trip with her to go see the maritime provinces as she never travelled or been anywhere. She suffered emotionally her whole life for the hurts she sustained in her childhood and youth. I suffered along with my family as I never knew why they drank and did the things they did or why my mother was so abusive towards me, I thought she hated me turns out she never knew how to love me as she was robbed from a loving childhood too! my question to date… I suffered my family suffered for the things that happened to my grandmothers grandfathers my aunties my uncles my mother …where is my compensation I was robbed of a family of a mother due to the hurt and pain the Church and the government bestowed on my mother. The government plays the waiting game in hopes that the victims will die and then they don’t have to give them a red cent! how is this justice? So really what 3000 for education ??? a semester a class? what a joke!

  7. Its a pity that the amount is so low…. This means that the government does not feel that the Residential School Survivors are worthy of attending a College or University.

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