Report was filed with Saskatoon police about Nathan Chasing Horse over 2015 incident: FSIN

Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Vice Chief Heather Bear says that a woman filed a report to the Saskatoon police about Nathan Chasing Horse back in 2015 but it’s not clear what happened after that.

“There was a police report done at that time as well and I had followed up with the individual that had filed the complaint, so there were certain steps made, in terms of the incident itself,” Bear told APTN News.

She said this is another example of police not listening to Indigenous women.

“But there again, there’s evidence-police don’t take our Indigenous women and girls serious-serious enough-when allegations are made, or when reports are made,” Bear said.

“He was out there for eight years, without justice or without any follow-up, and that’s the sad part.”

APTN news reached out to the Saskatoon police to confirm the information but a spokesperson said they weren’t able to comment unless charges have been laid.

The 2015 incident led the FSIN to ban Chasing Horse from the powwow.

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The information comes after authorities in the U.S. have now laid federal charges against the former Dances With Wolves star. The new charges include sexual exploitation of children and possession of child pornography.

Those charges are in addition to a growing raft of charges for alleged sexual offences facing  Chasing Horse.

In a Las Vegas courtroom, Chasing Horse was charged with eight felonies, including sexual assault, sex trafficking and child abuse. He has not entered a plea to those charges.

Meanwhile, RCMP in British Columbia confirmed that the Keremeos detachment did receive a report of a historical sexual assault. Staff Sgt. Kris Clark said an unendorsed warrant has been issued for Chasing Horse.

“He has been charged with one count of sexual assault that dates back to 2018 or earlier. The charge was laid and warrant issued on February 2, 2023,” he said in an email to APTN. “When a warrant is unendorsed (does not have an endorsement by a Judge or Justice), the subject, once apprehended on the authority of the warrant, must be brought before a Judge or Justice before they can be released.”

Chasing Horse remains in custody at the Clark County Detention Centre in Las Vegas.  He was granted bail during a court hearing on Wednesday. A judge set Chasing Horse’s bail at $300,000.00, with strict electronic monitoring and orders of no contact with the victims or with minors. Chasing Horse also cannot possess any firearms.

According to a report by the Associated Press, if he is released on bail in Las Vegas, he would likely be taken into federal custody.

Chasing Horse may soon be facing more charges in Canada as well.  According to Tsuut’ina police near Calgary, one of two victims from that nation is also part of the Las Vegas case.

“We can confirm that one of our victims is also one of Las Vegas’ victims, and only-primarily, because there were offences here in Canada and offences down in the United States,” Sgt. Nancy Farmer said.

APTN also reached out to Chasing Horse’s new U.S. lawyer-but has not gotten a response.  He has been represented up to this point by a public defender.

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