RCMP, Tobique in showdown over medicinal marijuana

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7 thoughts on “RCMP, Tobique in showdown over medicinal marijuana

  1. I agree with sovreignty but I see all these stories they’re making it sounnd like these dispensary owners speak for the community like everybody is happy about the things.. my rez has alot of these places and the only people who are happy and benifit are the guys that sell it and the white peoplethat come from the city to buy it. They dont care about the rest of us who got to put up with the cars driving around so fast and people gettin high in the parking lots and driving around and our young kids beign able to buy stuff. and I know some of the owners sell other stuff too like painkillers and hard stuff. Its bad but the people in the council ignore it and the people are afraid to talk about it

  2. If this wasnt on a reserve and was operated by a non aboriginal this wouldn’t even make the news. Laws apply to everyone, aboriginals are not above them

  3. It is about Provincial greed…the RCMP are being “goons” for the Province so they may exclusively control the distribution and sale of marijuana. That is why they wanna know where it comes from!! The Federal police trying to serve a provincial warrant….hmmmm interesting!!

  4. Treaty laws supersede the Federal an provincial governments laws . So why can’t the governments get over that. We have rights not privileges. Surpreme Court of Canada told Canada to implement our Treaties an laws. Maybe the governments are SCARED we may make a living… We don’t need their permission to do anything all we have to do is just do it an the governments have to suck it up. TREATY LAWS WIN EVERY TIME I SUPREME COURT OF CANADA. 189 CASES TO DATE AND THE TREATY NEVER LOST.

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