RCMP investigated Onion Lake Cree Nation Chief Wallace Fox, file now with Crown prosecutor

Fox denies all allegations

(Onion Lake Chief Wallace Fox in Ottawa on Jan. 10, 2013. APTN/File photo)
Jorge Barrera
APTN National News
The chief of Onion Lake Cree Nation says he told his council he was being investigated by the RCMP.
Chief Wallace Fox informed his band council Wednesday morning.
“I said I haven’t been charged, that there was a file open,” said Fox, in a text message to APTN National News.
APTN National News has learned that Fox, 54, was investigated over “domestic violence” allegations and the file is now in the hands of a Crown prosecutors in North Battleford, Sask.
It is up to the Crown to determine whether there is enough evidence to proceed with charges against the long-time chief of the oil-rich First Nation in Saskatchewan.
A source who spoke to APTN on condition of anonymity and who was present at Wednesday’s meeting said Fox arrived late that morning. The source said Fox informed the council of an open file and investigation involving “a former a woman (Fox) used to live with from Ontario”
Fox told APTN in an interview conducted the same day that he gave a statement to the RCMP sometime in July or August.
“I did a statement and they were going to investigate and let me know in two weeks. I can’t remember the date I went up to the RCMP. I was called to give a statement,” said Fox.  “This was in July or August…I was asked to do this…by the RCMP. I knew about this and it is a domestic thing and I never did what I am accused of.”
Fox’s lawyers sent a “cease and desist” letter to APTN shortly after the Wednesday interview.
“We immediately demand that you cease and desist publishing any information regarding the RCMP investigation of Chief Fox. Your conduct hurts not just the reputation of our client, but of all Onion Lake Cree Nation,” said the letter, from Garry Appelt, of law firm Witten Law.
Fox has not been charged with any crime and none of the allegations have been proven in court.
Fox denied all allegations in an interview with APTN.
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7 thoughts on “RCMP investigated Onion Lake Cree Nation Chief Wallace Fox, file now with Crown prosecutor

  1. Let the courts deal with it, not for any first nation individual to play judge n jury, we are not all appointed to say. Just listen and follow the progress

  2. deny all you want Chief Wallace Fox…spirit knows an spirit see all, you can’t hide from spirit.

    1. Innocent until proven guilty lik really what are u getting out of the hating??? the spirits see how negative you are being in such ways as judgeMENTAL you are not god to judge by all means the spirit does kno all and how pathetic people are being seeing as to he has lead Onion Lake Cree Nation into a better future….. Hiy-hiy Chief Fox

      1. Yes and time will tell, I do not judge, but I know the truth. A true leader would have stood up right away instead of waiting until the media had this story, Think about it, I don’t have the right to judge, that is not in my power but every woman has a right to use their voice. To many have been silenced, and not enough have been heard. He may be a good leader, whos’ to say, but he’s not a good man. A good man protects women and children, does not harm them. Stands up for what is right and just. Time will tell, you can’t hide the truth it will find you. If not in this life, than in the next. Speak your Truth Wallace Fox. I dare you.

  3. A non story
    No charges have been filed in the months since.
    It’s good that he is open to his people about this. However it is pure slander to forward a nonstory that has not been put before the courts and given its due process.
    He is being open and accountable to the nation.

    1. So in your well experienced knowledge of this woman you can determine it’s a none story because this “man” couldn’t possible be lying?
      Perhaps thou protest to much!
      Gee he wouldn’t be a cousin would he. I’m sorry but in a world of missing women and murdered women to disrespect her to the point of calling it a non-story shows that there really is some work to be done so our women feel safe amongst their own people!

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