RCMP in Saskatchewan investigating online comments made by member

The Mounties in Saskatchewan are investigating online comments allegedly made by one of its officers.

Earlier this week, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) was made aware of some online social media posts by a Saskatchewan RCMP officer on his personal social media account.

FSIN Vice Chief Dutch Lerat says they forwarded the screenshots to the RCMP to investigate.

“Certainly it’s concerning that a member of the national police force would hold and promote irrepressible views on a social media platform,” says Lerat.

“This is a matter of concern as he is an individual with the authority to enforce the law it creates suspicion on how he may view and interact with our first nations citizens.”

The officer allegedly made a rant about Indigenous protesters and posted a meme implying that they should be machine gunned down.

APTN News has not seen the post. A screen shot of the post was shared with the network.

“Saskatchewan RCMP was made aware of posts made on a social networking website by an RCMP community constable,” wrote Cpl. Rob King from RCMP media relations in Saskatchewan in an email when asked about the post.

“As Canada’s national police force, the RCMP is held to a high standard by the public we serve. A member’s conduct, both on and off duty, must be in accordance with the RCMP Code of Conduct when using social networking sites.”

APTN does not know the identity of officer.

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The officer became the subject of an internal RCMP Code of Conduct investigation on Mar 2.

According to police, the member has been placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation.

The RCMP says it understands that “social media is an important part of how we communicate, in both our personal and professional lives, and takes matters concerning the misconduct of all categories of employees on social networking websites seriously.

“It is important to note that the comments made on social media do not in any way reflect the values of the RCMP,” says ??

The investigation into this incident is ongoing, as such, no further information will be released at this time.”

The FSIN says that it’s willing to work with the Mounties to help with cultural competency training for RCMP cadets before they go into the communities.

“The FSIN acknowledges that they’re many professional men and women within the RCMP, but from time to time we hear of individuals who’s mindset is not consistent with the RCMP’S vision,” says Lerat.

Speaking as a member of the community Darlene Okemaysim-Sicotte says it’s time the RCMP commissioner speaks up.

“I think the RCMP commissioner Brenda Luki really needs to make some kind of statement or some kind of reassurance to the general public that she’s watching these behaviors from the RCMP in each province,” she says, “And to kind of touch base wither their attorney generals to talk about how to kind of smooth that over and reassure the general public that their following protocols.”

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