RCMP expand Salmon Arm farm search in B.C. interior


5 thoughts on “RCMP expand Salmon Arm farm search in B.C. interior

  1. sex work is work, and trafficking is not sex work, it’s slavery. the terms are different for a reason.

    if you’re not prepared to address why so many of us choose sex work over harder and more demeaning work for even less pay, or over racist employers who abuse and assault us if they even hire us in the first place, don’t presume to speak for us on the matter of sex work, street trade work, or any other term we prefer to the slurs we’ve had to train media out of using.


  2. The narrative and term sex trade worker by media and others seems optically inappropriate as though people grow up and chose this as a profession of choice. The majority of people who fall victim to sexual exploitation, human trafficking and or vulnerable to exploitation and violence are: female, poor, have a history of violence and neglect, a history of child sex abuse and a low level of education, among many other factors.

    1. D Wilson 🙂 Thank you. The general public measure their compassion towards such victims as sold to them by the media. A missing wife and mum of two in a middle class, suburban neighbourhood will have the public glued to their tv with thousands of google searches of a concerned population of strangers. But “sex workers ” Need i say more ?
      Opportunity is all the monster needs.

    2. So very sadly true! The media and others must know and stop using this term! Many people naively use this term and narrative and tell themselves the story of women and girls who deliberately chose this as a profession. With very bad and life-threatening consequences for the ones who prostitute themselves. Let’s start a campaign!

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