Quebec wants to reopen Constitution before dealing with Indigenous rights

Quebec Premier Phillippe Couillard said during closed-door talks between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, premiers and Indigenous leaders that the Constitution needs to be reopened to deal with issues of Indigenous rights and self-government. , according to Assembly of First Nations Ontario.

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2 thoughts on “Quebec wants to reopen Constitution before dealing with Indigenous rights

  1. Nations to nations, equal government structures and each our own equal supreme courts. That’s nations to nations. Nations are sovereign or they are not. What makes Canada “legal” are the treaties with Indigenous people, which were never respected. So is Canada a legal entity?

  2. Where’s the revenue from the natural resources? Scalping Mother Earth like it was yours/government/CA!!! We all walk this beautiful Mother earth as one an should be at the table as one/ equal… All you people will have your days coming, cause what’s going on; is not right!!!! How do u sleep at night? With that gilt? Uneducated/ what made us to believe so? We needed to be educated!! We were already educated in our own ways of being/ life!!! #greed #smh it’s a shame, an has been for decades…… sorry for my wording but it’s true; we don’t own the grounds we walk on!! Respect an honour them grounds, it’s sacred footsteps as we walk through life on Mother Earth; with that being said; respect all of mans kind ….

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