Qalipu application process raises ire of members who had status taken away

Trina Roache
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Some of the 10,000 people who were removed as members of the Qalipu First Nation are speaking out about the flawed application process.

Indigenous Affairs has been sifting through more than 100,000 applications in a bid to set the membership of the landless band in Newfoundland and Labrador.

About 18,000 were accepted.

Those who had status before the application review started say the process was not fair.

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18 thoughts on “Qalipu application process raises ire of members who had status taken away

  1. Edward says:

    Typical second class treatment historically shown by Government Canada toward Newfoundlanders. Certainly, one would never see such arbitrary and unreasonable criteria imposed on vote rich Ontario or Quebec.

    Since 1949, RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces recruited from Newfoundland and filled their quotas with First Nations who were forced to acknowledge in writing that Government Canada’s policy of employment throughout Canada to serve our country. Not surprisingly, many of us were sent to work on Indian Reserves which worked very well for Government Canada.

    How can Indian Affairs suddenly create a new policy stating Landless Qalipu members must reside within specific areas of Newfoundland which conflicts with the original Government Canada policy toward recruits RCMP / CAF? This goes completely against Natural Law.

    My adult child, my brothers and my nephews retain their Status, while the only one who left to work for Government Canada is revoked?

    Chief Mitchell has an opportunity to show leadership here and to be on the right side of history in an escalating conflict which will surely take the sensible solution in the long run.

  2. Have no fear those who were rejected. According to the Metis Federation of Canada and its affiliated “Metis” groups here in Atlantic Canada, you all qualify as Metis and should be given equal rights as aboriginals. Maybe you should apply for membership there, although the legitimate national Metis organization, the Metis National Council, would (rightfully) disagree.

  3. Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Colleagues:
    Carolyn Bennett
    Jody Wilson-Raybould
    Fred Caron
    Rachel Blaney
    Dwight Ball

    I am writing to you as I am unsure what to do and I am hoping you can help. In 2011, myself and my son, received a letter from the Qalipu Mi’kmaq enrollment Committee stating that we met the criteria to be Founding Members of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation. It was noted in the letter that the Enrollment Committee maybe appealed by the Government of Canada or the Federation of Newfoundland Indians. Should either party decide to appeal, it must do so within thirty days of this letter. If the appeal is not taken within thirty days of mailing of the decision, then the decision of this committee is final and binding. (Nov 2011). Our names were added to the Registry of Indians Under the Indian Act in 2012.

    This past February 5th, 2017 we received letters that the committee reached a decision to deny our applications and we do not meet the requirements for acceptance by the Mi’kmaq Group of Indians of Newfoundland as indicated in section 4.1 (d)ii of the Agreement. More specifically, the Enrollment Committee made the following points allocation:
    Frequent visits to member of location of the Mi’kmaq Group of Indians of Newfoundland -0 points. However, I visit Corner Brook, Newfoundland yearly.

    Frequent communication with members of the location of the Mi’kmaq Group of Indians of Newfoundland-0 points. I speak with my mother, weekly. She is a Founding Member of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq Band and Registered under the Indian Act. Additionally, I speak with family and other band members regularly.

    Residency on the Island of Newfoundland- 0 points. I do not live in Newfoundland. I moved to British Columbia in 2001 seeking work in First Nations Health. I have been working for Kwakiutl District Health (KDC Health) as a Registered Dietitian since 2001.

    Maintenance of the Mi’kmaq culture and way of life.-0 points. I attend and organize cultural events regularly with the KDC Health communities, such as; Indigenous Super Chiefs Camp, the Vancouver Island Traditional Foods Conference, Weaving workshops, Traditional Plant & Medicine workshops, Food Preservation program-canning salmon, pit cooks,etc.. The Mi’kmaq way of life shares the same value system as do all First Nations. All First Nations believed that their values and traditions were gifts from the Creator. One of the most important and most common teachings was that people should live in harmony with the natural world and all it contained. All First Nation people have commonalities in the use of traditional plants and medicines, weaving, drumming, dancing, and the hunter and gather lifestyle.

    As previously stated I have been working for KDC Health since 2001, providing community nutrition services to six member nations; Mamalilkalla First Nation, Da’naxda’xw First Nation, We Wai Kai First Nation, Wei Wai Kum First Nation, Kwiakah First Nation, and K’omoks First Nation. I love my work with in community and as our Elders said our purpose in life is about servitude, “Gawalla Xa Hamattalla”Helping Our People”. I was fortunate to have an amazing opportunity on Vancouver Island within First Nations Health. I did not have the same opportunity within my own community. Can you imagine leaving your community to pursue your career and being stripped of your identity. Traditionally Mi’kmaq people lived a semi-nomadic life. Movement was based on food and season. In the modern world this translates into moving for work to support the family unit. I am not less than my brothers of sisters or any other First Nations due to my geographical location.

    I have several problems with the recent decision to deny myself and my son our membership to our band, and our names on the Indian Registry:
    1. I had a letter stating it was binding and the decision was final. We were Founding Members of our band based on this letter.
    2. We are being told wether or not we are aboriginal based on where we live. Did I mention we are a landless band. Do other First Nations lose their membership and status when they leave their community.
    3. A Group of people judged how We practice our culture. Many of us are just finding our cultural as colonization had taken it from us.

    Several months ago my 10 year old son, was chosen to speak in front of his school on Orange Shirt Day. An Elder from Cape Mudge Village, Brenda Assu was the guest speaker. She said, “I did not have a voice but things have changed, you do have a voice. Don’t let anyone do to you what was done to me. Use your voice”. So I am using my voice for myself, my son and the other rejected members. Please help stop this out right injustice to my family and the other 10,000 founding members who have been denied their identity based on geographical location. I am Mi’kmaq, Wela’lin.

    All My Relations,
    Kathleen Power
    [email protected]
    Box 389
    Heriot Bay, BC
    V0P 1H0

    1. Kathleen,

      Well done and I thank you for your letter.
      I too have been served with a similar letter. I too have a status card and have a score of 0.
      In 1992, I became a member of FNI, although working away at that time, I was returning home 1-2 times a year. After receiving my FNI card, I
      became a member of The Metis Nation of Alberta and was recognized as a Metis under the constitution of Canada!
      Yes, I was working on Ft.Mc Murray for a great company and had
      been employed by them since early 1980!
      I purchased land to retire next to my Father
      in 1985, always praying
      that he would be living when my time was finished in Ft.Mac,!
      Well I’m home now since 2008,my Brother is living next to me( as
      He also became interested in my idea) unfortunately my Dad is 83
      and the snow and size of his home has forced him into another home
      In town.
      I too have been involved in the culture,
      have attended Pow Wow’s in Flat Bay ( 3 ),
      in the presence of our
      new Premier Mr.Ball, &
      Conne River ( 2 ) with
      my New Bride. I was Overwhelmed to say the least!
      I have partisapated in
      survey studies and have had the pleasure of meeting many Proud
      This is five years gone by and the government
      wants my card back or
      Plea to be returned to my People. My Father and Brothers are In an I have been Removed. A very Sad Day for everyone.
      This is a “Ceding by our
      government “, created to weaken, demoralize, and create havoc! An old Trick used by governments since the 1800’s! CEDE…used by
      President Obama, in his good bye speech about the internet and it’s complexities!
      This is the reaction to promises not kept by the government and it has been created to try and make this problem go away with as few members as possible!’
      Oh, I forgot to mention, my three sisters are Out…
      Thank you for for Courage..

  4. Yes those letters must have been written up a couple off years ago with a post mark january 31 2017 sure my daughter has been home living in nl for 1.5 years, the Qalipu is sponsoring her in school in Corner Brook she had to change her address, but yet her denial letter gone to AB, yet call the and they say her address is changed to Corner Brook ,NL so when did the committee make there’
    Decision regards being denied

  5. What happens to an application that’s 10 in family and 9 gets it plus a deceased mother so what happens to me I can’t even appeal
    The only one not accepted

  6. Am the son of Jerry Connolly and all of my Brothers and Sisters Family and Friends are totally pissed time to rock the boat we Will not be disregarded by attawa anymore the time to fight needs to start and I’m sure a lot of us will see this through WE ARE QALIPU and we are not going to quit until this matter is resolved.uncarded but MI’KMAQ and PROUD all of my Brothers and Sisters have been members of federation of Newfoundland Indians.

  7. Its not fair because they gave us our card and now they take it back, I am native grew up in Mi’kmaq communities , , live the Mi’kmaq ways, just because we didn’t stay in NL that we are not native, who made that rule/?, we had to leave for work or stay and live on welfare, what is wrong with this picture anyway, it is the same thing as taking our health card from us,

  8. My man can t get his he was denied and told not to reply. All is family has theirs including their children. His children has theirs. He can t get his same mother and father.

  9. I am crushed that my status card is being revoked after a five year period, and am
    assuming the reason is because I live in Ontario. I lived in Ontario when my card
    was issued, (that has not changed), and neither has my legacy, bloodlines, or my
    connection to the Mi’kmaq communities of Corner Brook, Deer Lake, (where I was
    born), and Stephenville. I have made frequent visits, communications, and
    maintained a Mi’kmag culture or way of life for many years as well, that has also
    not changed. My reason for leaving Newfoundland was merely one of seeking
    long term work and an Aviation Career, which I managed to do. I certainly en-
    countered a high degree of difficulty in leaving behind loving family members to
    pursue my dream; and it goes without saying that I returned to “the nest” several
    times before realizing this was the right thing to do in means of a career. I have
    siblings in Corner Brook, and Stephenville, who have been granted Founding
    Member Status of the Qualipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Group, and strongly feel that
    I should be accepted as well. A geographic location where one lives, should not
    determine my status as a proud “Indian”, and a proud “Newfoundlander”, that will
    never change who I am. I feel sorry for the thousands of applicants who are in
    this position, and feel that we have all been treated unfairly. An Appeal Notice will
    be forwarded to the Appeals Master in Winnipeg shortly, requesting that they do
    the right thing, and reverse their decision by reconsidering my status card which I already thought I was in possession of; and the many Newfoundlanders who are
    “in the same boat”. Thank you!

    Joy Campbell (a very upset Newfoundlander)

  10. We the Qualipu first nations need our provincial and federal government to acknowledge us and right this wrong that has been done.We are native by blood not geography.I didn’t think it was points that made me aboriginal but my blood and we all already went through the process to prove this.

  11. My late father and my sister are confirmed once again as founding members of the Qu’lipu band membership because of the flawed supplementary agreement.. My three brothers were denied with no appeal privilege.. We all live in western Nl. when we applied post 2011/09/22. Our family is ripped down the middle because of this injustice. Our family has proven Mi’kmaq culture. The Justin Trudeau government by way Of INAC and the FNI have decided that the inclusion of family has no place in Mi’Kmaq culture and the Qu’lipu band. Our family have inherent human / Indigenous rights to be members of this the Qu’lipu band due to our fathers’s ancestry…. My children want to participate in this culture and they have ancestral rights to be part of the Qu’lipu band. Why are we being treated like this?????

  12. the geoverment wants us gone and this is there way of doing it . BUT remember we are here to stay we have the numbers

  13. I got my rejection letter yesterday. Too say I am disappointed would be an understatement. I applied the first time and was rejected. I enquired, got some insights and then forwarded all the info required. Luckily the genology had been done by others. Once I did that, I was accepted and now, years later they say that now I don’t meet the requirements as I didn’t live in the designated area(s). I grew up in Corner Brook and then I joined the RCMP and was stationed in NS and NL. Our agreement was basically for a “landless” band unlike some other indigenous groups. So, because I don’t live in the geographic area that some white person in Ottawa decides this is where I need to live, then I am not Indian. I am good enough to join the RCMP and serve Canadians wherever they send me but with our landless agreement, the Federal government decides where I need to live. Sounds like a nicer way of saying, you must live on a reservation. If our agreement for a landless band is not good enough, then lets claim NL as our reserve. A great many years to get this into Court I know, but if we win, then someone will owe us something. That would get their attention I guarantee you. I fail to see how this process was done in a fair manner if all the stories you hear are true, that some family members are accepted while other members, who live next door are not. This data needs to be collected and correlated to show that this was not a fair system used. This rollout is a disgrace.

    1. I certainly agree why would they the band consider people to come home to nl what sence is that when someone stupid enought signs a docement for a landless band what land do they want us to live (landless)

  14. I have been Reading..Listening..Hearing..Watching..Seeing This Process that’s going on.It is the Worst I have seen in my entire life.You have cause discrimination against Family members..Tell me how one Sister or Brother can get their Status and the other not ..Same parents Same Ancestors..Same Blood running through their veins..This Process is also discriminating against where people are living..People had to move to work for their Families No work was in NFLD..When the fishing went most had to survive elsewhere to support their families and be away from their family for months on end.Their is another story about not attending Native activities..Keeping in contact with your Heritage..No reservation for most to live on and get more than what they receive..Who is willing to pay for all those people to return for Native events ETC..The Government and all involved in this process should be grateful those with status before this all happen were and are productive members living and working their Butts of just to Survive..Wake up and take a step back and have a good look at what you are doing to your Native people Ottawa! Oh by the way I have not yet heard if I will or will not have my Status.

  15. Yes I be leave this is such a disgrace call our selves Canadians or Indians what would happen if other places started to tell the rest of the world “”that Canadians are no more how would that effect people

  16. I visit nfld, I communicate on a daily basis and I teach work shops on talking stick, medicine pouches, smudging, medicines, dreamcatchers, color wheel, abrigional food skills for family and more across Nova Scotia and got no points for anything and it’s all in my file. I got 9 points for having band card before they went to court. What is fair about this. Some one who filed in 2012 get in and I who got accepted in August 2009 with a letter stating they have 30 day to appeal or my contract is binding gets kicked out.

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