Publisher of Eagle Feather News in Saskatchewan leaving after ‘unintended journey’

John Lagimodiere, the man behind Eagle Feather News is ending what he calls an “unintended journey” at the paper after 24 years.

Lagimodiere tells APTN News it’s time.

“Our community needs this kind of journalism and storytelling,” he tells APTN News. “It’s because we’ve been telling it as Indigenous people from an Indigenous standpoint, and even when we have non-Indigenous freelancers, we tell them this, ‘how you going to write it-this is what we want.’ And so these non-Indigenous freelancers are all of a sudden learning to write better on Indigenous perspectives”

Eagle Feather News is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Lagiodiere says one of the things he’s most proud of is fostering new journalists from First Nations University’s Indigenous communications arts program.

The new managing editor, Kerry Benjoe says she’s excited to put her stamp on the paper and expand to digital.

“I want to be a major contributor to the content and I’m really looking forward to revitalizing and revamping Eagle Feather,” Benjoe says. “It’s good the way it is – but there is always room for improvement and I’m really looking forward to exploring new mediums in storytelling.”

Benjoe and the rest of the team will take over in the new year.

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