“Proud to be” video tries to get Washington D.C. team to change its name

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While Superbowl 48 is in the books one issue in football isn’t going away anytime soon.

Another organization is piling on the pressure to try and get the Washington D.C. team to change its name.

There’s a new video that is going viral and is encouraging people to get in the action against it.


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2 thoughts on ““Proud to be” video tries to get Washington D.C. team to change its name

  1. Lynn Singleton says:

    I think they should keep the name Washington Redskins they had it for years why change it. Its a football team with a name. Growing up every school or any Sport had a name for their team. NOBODY OWN”S the name Redskin. And yes I am native Ojibiway I love sports hockey football basketball every team needs a name. I think its a good name for the team, they had it for years Don’t Change. And the person or persons who thought of the idea to change their name PLEASE don’t make something out of nothing. DON”T CHANGE it just a name for your team. “I LOVE IT”.

  2. Not once has any of my non aboriginal friend ever called me a red skin, or have I ever referred to our people as red skins you don’t see me running referring to people calling them by the colour of their skin. I do get times were different back them, but there different now it’s time for change, so please change the name.

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