Prime Minister appoints Vancouver lawyer to bring energy companies, First Nations together

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed a Vancouver lawyer to oversee pipeline and energy consultations with Aboriginal communities in Alberta and British Columbia.

Douglas Eyford will work with First Nations opposed to projects such as the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Eyford will report directly to Harper.

The announcement was made by Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver from the Waap Galts’ap Long House in Terrace, B.C.

“We will work with Aboriginal communities to ensure they have an opportunity to actively participate in developing Canada’s energy resources and protecting our environment,” said Oliver in a statement.

One of Eyford’s goals will be to get more First Nations “participating” with developments.

“The goal is clear,” said Oliver. “Douglas Eyford will help identify opportunities to facilitate greater participation by Aboriginal peoples in resource development.”

Eyford’s other role with the federal government is as chief negotiator on comprehensive land claims. According to Oliver, his appointment has been cleared by Canada’s ethics commissioner.

Oliver added that Eyford’s role will compliment the Crown’s duty to consult First Nations on individual projects.

He’s also to present a preliminary report to Harper by June 28 and a final report Nov. 29.

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2 thoughts on “Prime Minister appoints Vancouver lawyer to bring energy companies, First Nations together

  1. Does this mean the lawyer will harass the first nations bands and strong arm them into submission, or does this mean that Steven Harper is not willing to respect the stance of British Colombians in general and is going to put the financial advancement of Alberta ahead of B.C’s lands and waterways?

  2. So he thinks he can change First Nations minds with participation and more then likely financial gains. This just goes to show everyone where hapers mind really is. Instead of understanding the First Nations and their love of the land, he thinks he can buy us to turn our backs on Mother Earth. He actually believes we will participate in the destruction of our lands. OMG, this man thinks everyone is ruled by the almighty dollar. If he just hands First Nations some money we will break. I cant help but be sick and tired of harper and his stooges, who instead of listening to the people think they can buy us.

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