Premier with the highest Indigenous population not in favour of Aboriginal Day national holiday

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The Premier of one of the provinces with the highest Indigenous populations in the country says he doesn’t necessarily support the push to make National Aboriginal Day a national holiday.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall was questioned by media on June 20th about whether or not he supported the bill introduced by Northern Saskatchewan’s Member of Parliament Georgina Jolibios – to have June 21st included as a national holiday for everyone.

“Not necessarily. There’s a lot of compelling reasons to celebrate National Aboriginal Day. I think it’s an opportunity in our province to talk about progress that’s being made” said Wall.

The Premier went on to thank First Nations and Metis groups for the improvements in employment numbers in the province but feels the day could be used for better things than celebrating a national holiday.

“I think National Aboriginal Day should be an opportunity to focus on how we can improve things in this country. I don’t necessarily think it’s served by having a day off.”

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Saskatoon in honor of reconciliation and to celebrate First Nations and Metis culture in the province, many of which, took the day off from work and school to attend the day-long festivities.

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1 thought on “Premier with the highest Indigenous population not in favour of Aboriginal Day national holiday

  1. What! This premier doesn’t want to support June 21st to be a recognized national holiday?! What country is he from?! This day is owed to us after what has been done to our parents, grandparents and older siblings in a school system that tried their best to take our native tongue and traditions away! Well I think it’s time for the Anishinaabeg to take action and keep pushing for our ancestors to be aknowleged.

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