Chief: RCMP probe ‘rumour’

The chief of the Poundmaker reserve in Saskatchewan says neither he nor his band council are under RCMP investigation. Opponents of the band council, who have formed their own traditional council, say they have been interviewed by RCMP officers probing the affairs of the chief and band council.

APTN National News

POUNDMAKER CREE RESERVATION, Sask. — The chief of the Poundmaker Cree reservation says allegations of a police investigation probing the activities of the band council are nothing more than rumours.

Chief Duane Antoine brushed off the claims saying this is the first time he has heard rumours of an RCMP investigation on the reserve in all his years involved with band politics.

“That’s just a rumour,” said Antoine. “I’ve been on council for 14 years and it’s only my second year as chief and this is the first time I’m hearing that there is an investigation going on with Poundmaker Cree Nation.”

The RCMP’s commercial crime unit would not confirm or deny an investigation.

The allegations were made by Milton Tootoosie, who says he is the rightful Poundmaker chief.

Tootoosie says he has been interviewed by RCMP investigators probing the band on three issues including the use of treaty land entitlement money, questionable loans and a hog farm proposal called Synergetic 2000.

“We know there is an RCMP investigation,” he said.

Tootoosie and four others were chosen as a band council by a show of hands during a July meeting this tyear of 41 community members.

Tootoosie said they were selected under a custom process that ended in 1988 and replaced with the current Indian Act band election.

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