Police release video of Tuesday shootout in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay shootout

A single frame taken from a video Thunder Bay police released of a shootout Tuesday afternoon.

Thunder Bay Police have released a dramatic video of a shootout that took place in the city Tuesday afternoon.

The video starts with three men running from an apartment and into a parking lot where a car pulls up. One of the men appears to be holding a long gun.

Then, a lone man exists the building and starts firing a handgun at the three men who are scrambling for cover. One of the three men returns fire.

Eventually, the men get inside the car and the lone man runs out of the frame of the video. It appears that several shots are fired in both directions.

Iverson Thomas, 20, of Toronto, is charged with attempt to commit murder using a restricted or prohibited firearm, possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, and a handful of firearms-related charges. Police are seeking other suspects, and are asking for information from the public.

The video also contains still photos of the three men leaving the apartment.

Thomas remains in custody.

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