Police chase away food vendor trying to feed Saskatchewan evacuees

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Most of the evacuees from northern Saskatchewan have been cleared to return home.

For several of them, the news couldn’t come soon enough.

Last week, dozens of evacuees made a plea on facebook saying the Red Cross wasn’t providing them with decent meals.

In response, a food truck set up a makeshift stand outside the shelter handing out free, traditional food to evacuees.

That’s when the police moved in.

The result was captured on video.

APTN’s Larissa Burnouf reports.

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1 thought on “Police chase away food vendor trying to feed Saskatchewan evacuees

  1. It is a shame on Minister Valcourt of Aboriginal Affairs in Ottawa to ignore an emergency situation for food and shelter desperately needed for the evacuees of the First Nation communities. The Minister of Aboriginal Affairs could use his regional office staff to use the band lists of where the evacuees come from and set up the emergency services. How come he is so incompetent and naive on his responsibilities and obligations?

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