Pipelines dominate disscussions at AFN gathering in Gatineau

Chiefs may be divided on pipelines, but the youth are not.

Trina Roache
APTN National News
It should come as no surprise that pipelines were a hot topic at the Assembly of First Nations annual gathering in Gatineau, Que. Wednesday.

About a week ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved the expansion of two existing pipelines.

There’s a divide among chiefs on energy development that may not be clear cut.

But the message from Indigenous youth is crystal clear.

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1 thought on “Pipelines dominate disscussions at AFN gathering in Gatineau

  1. straight talk
    I never heard mention of the cap on our youth’s future of being able to go to UNIVERSITY, thousands of graduates from years gone by including last year, are not able to attend because a short sighted government that thought our people were not going to grow and produce children, surprise, let’s get the cap lifted MR. TRUDEAU number 1 promise. TREATY RIGHT TO SHELTER, programs not benefitting first nations, back logs on housing rising. Shelter rates for cities towns $1300,00 3 bdroom $1100.00 2 bdroom, $900.00 for 1 bdroom. First nations, 1,2,3, bdroom all $350.00 . Is there anything wrong with this picture? trying to pay mortgage and maintenance of units does not fit. NUMBER 2 promise. Medicine chest is getting smaller, elders having hard time getting prescriptions filled because the indian health keeps adding to the list of medications they will not cover. The doctors prescribe the pills knowing they are going to have to pay for them, works for them in the world of the licensed drug lords. eh Number 3 promise. eh I will stop there MR. TRUDEAU but u made promises to the first nations , time to deliver to our children and our elders they have been waiting many moons for someone in your position to come along and see what atrocities the past have done to the FIRST PEOPLES OF TURTLE ISLAND. To the chiefs and councils lets get our own governments in order and back to the TREATIES, they are not outdated, the FEDS and provinces want to extinguish them but perseverance will prevail, the world is now watching FIRST NATIONS and what will come of the way INDIANS are treated by governments in our own home and native land eh. I hear educated people in our midst who say get rid of them but what do we do, get rid of them then what? we have been their bread and butter for so long they would not survive. We will remember TREATIES are FOREVER, AS LONG AS SUN SHINES GRASS GROWS AND RIVERS FLOW. EKOSI

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