People who met with Saskatchewan Metis president last week taking COVID precautions

A number of people who met with the president of the Metis Nation in Saskatchewan are taking precautions after learning he tested positive for the deadly virus.

On Monday, APTN News reported that Glen McCallum tested positive on Sept. 18th.

McCallum and a number of employees at the office were tested out of caution because they deal with the public on a regular basis.

After his test, he returned to work because he didn’t feel any symptoms.

But late last week, he met with 28 people at an MNS meeting in a hotel at the Prince Albert National Park. On Sept. 18th at approximately 4:30pm, he was notified by health officials in Saskatchewan that he tested positive.

According to the Saskatchewan’s chief medical officer, it appears that McCallum did not break any rules for people who don’t have any symptoms.

“I will comment on what all of us should do. The instructions are if you are asymptomatic and you are seeking testing for whatever reason obviously you don’t have any symptoms your seeking testing as long as your not in close contact of a case you don’t have to isolate because you are asymptomatic,” said Dr Saqib Shahab, Saskatchewan’s top doctor.

“But you should self monitor  for 2 weeks.”

The other people at that MNS meeting have gone into self isolation. So have a number of other people who were at municipal election events also attended by McCallum last week.

The owners of the hotel where Friday’s meeting  was held closed down for deep cleaning.

They are expected to re-open this Friday. According to media reports, they want then MNS to reimburse them for tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


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