Parole officer who helps Indigenous offenders out of a job

APTN National News
A parole officer in Edmonton who helps First Nations offenders has lost her job.

Jodene McIsaac has been working in the Edmonton office for eight years.

But she found out recently that her contract was not being renewed. The province of Alberta says it will save $80,000 by cutting her position.

APTN’s Chris Stewart reports.


2 thoughts on “Parole officer who helps Indigenous offenders out of a job

  1. So sad once again..goes on and on. See you at the polls.Fire off another letter to my nonresponsive MP but it doesn’t matter. Keep on writing..

  2. This lady absorbed the Indigenous perspective that most of government employees do not. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the program she has been working with, is working! It is something positive for the Aboriginal youth. This is exactly where Alberta finance steps in and stops it, for the lame excuse of money. The Alberta finance minister wants to save 80 thousand dollars a year, but we all know that dollar amount will be tripled in jail stays for these youth because they are not getting the supports they need…

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