Ousted Mi’kmaq chief blames Indian Affairs

A Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq chief ousted by Indian Affairs over findings of corruption in the election that put him in office says the department is trying to cover up its own misdeeds.

By James Hopkin
APTN National News
A Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq chief ousted by Indian Affairs over findings of corruption in the election that put him in office says the department is trying to cover up its own misdeeds.

Former Indian Brook chief Jerry Sack was ousted along with his council after a departmental investigation into the 2009 band election found evidence of corrupt practices.

The investigation found that at least four mail-in ballots were fraudulent.

Sack, however, says everything went fine with the election and it was the department that made the mistakes.

“I believe there was sloppy work on (the investigator’s) behalf. There were a number of (department) employees present at our elections and everything went okay,” he said. “It’s a joke, really. Four ballots come on…and it’s costing us thousands of dollars. Not us, it’s the taxpayers’ dollars.”

Sack said supports work to reform the on-reserve electoral system.

Indian Affairs Minister John Duncan announced last week that the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs would be leading consultations on reforming the electoral system.

3 thoughts on “Ousted Mi’kmaq chief blames Indian Affairs

  1. The same thing goes on here in Burnt Church.. Our Audit showed last year the chief recieved 335thousand dollars from our band. And lalety the national news complains about chiefs salaries bieng bigger then the premiers .. they posted that the highest is 247 thousand bieng the highest in the country. Once again they hide whats going on inBurnt Church. Our Chief should have been posted as bieng the higest paid in the country. in the audit they didnt include what he was pid for his band allocated snow crab quoata/groceryand gas bar/ gaming moneys/ nd also his salary os the director of the development corperations.. over half a million anually paid to elected officials in my community from our development corperation…

  2. Weu2019koqmau2019q first nation, formally known as Waycobah, vote ballots are corrupted. This guy Morley Googoo buys votes, threatens, steals, cooks the books/audits, and now ballot fraud. Morley is such a phony; check him out, speaking, a fake and poser. We are from the inside of this community and know it is a well common established fact here; Morley is extremely, extremely corrupt, in all ways. He borrowed $90,000 just to buy out all the votes of 187 voters, he uses band allocated monies from INAC, purchase orders, welfare fraud, Morley spread this evil all over the reserve and to the young voters. Morley is personally responsible for the spread of herpes, HIV, etc, in this community. Morley took a bunch of young voters to Halifax wowed them with street walkers, whores, prostitution, now some of these men have spread it back to this community. Some of them are on dialysis because their body has been disease ravaged, due to Morley buying street sex prostitutes for their votes and street drugs like cocaine. There is so much Morley has done, and INAC continues to feed him, Morley is just as bad as the Residential boarding school nuns and priest, that INAC worked with to oppress the u201cIndian problemu201d different tactics, same bullshit! INAC and their Chiefs are worse then pedophile priest and nuns of those terrible yesterdays. Guaranteed this will end in another class action law suit for all of us that suffer under INAC and their INAC Chiefs. There is no such thing as INAC INDIANS, they are making this scenario, and the Federal Government is responsible. Morley is not even Lu2019nuk aka Mi’kmaq, he is white. rnrnTime to clean up your mess Feds!rn

  3. Any Reform concerning Indian act elections across Canada, must contain strict rules on accountability, such as conflict of interest, corruption,fraud, politicians who are charged with Indictible offences past or present, must automatically be removed or not allowed to run in Indian elections. The current system is reeked with corrupt politicians who have eluded justice by the double standards of the indian act electoral system where these politicians are not prosecuted for their crimes, If these were Federal, Provincial,or Municipal politicians, that committed these crimes, justice would be swift, but with the Indian Affairs electoral process, it is swept under the rug, the Federal Govt has been a major collaborator in the covering up of these crimes where Indian Politicians have free reign to steal our monies. Just look at their outrageous salaries and lavish lifestyles, some are making more money than the Prime Minister of Canada, enough is enough.

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