Ottawa police called after Eagle Staff seized during Congress meeting

10 thoughts on “Ottawa police called after Eagle Staff seized during Congress meeting

  1. OCIP and jon mcdonald belong to a criminal organization of women and children beaters. this group needs to be dissolved asap along with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and a new Indigenous grass root movement. Perferably a Mariarchal Traditional Government to replace it.

  2. I’m an Elder from Hornepayne Ontario and I’m not scared or angry but very concerned about people like Chief Bertrand and Jon MacDonald who have a thin claim to being Indigenous. I know who Jon MacDonald is. For over 2 years he attended meetings sponsored by the Nuclear Waste Organization miles and miles away from his own home community of Schreiber. Jon MacDonald traveled to Hornepayne, Manitouwadge and White River to attend regular meetings of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization. At these meetings, Mr. MacDonald supported and defended the nuclear industry. This was because the NWMO was a source of income for Mr. MacDonald. He was receiving money from NWMO in return for his cheerleading. This was revealed to everyone in Hornepayne, White River and Manitouwadge by Chief Ron Kocsis who received this information from the NWMO itself and ran MacDonald out of town.

    Shame, Shame, Jon MacDonald

  3. How does CAP get its mandate? I live in Toronto (40+ years) and have never heard of them doing anything here to reach out to urban Indigenous peoples. I asked them this a year or two ago by email but I was just referred on to the guy who purports to represent Ontario and he gave me this sad non-answer. I laugh when I hear them say they represent me as an urban Indigenous person – they don’t. Could government and gov’t agencies please stop funding them? I know you need yes men, but CAP has next to no visibility and not an ounce of credibility.

  4. As usual, when people do not understand a topic, they become afraid and demand a stop to it.
    Nuclear waste is currently here in Ontario, being stored above ground. There is an effort being put forward by the NWMO to find a willing host region which would be selected and accepted by the residents of that region and is found to be safe, geologically speaking, to allow the safe storage deep underground for the existing spent nuclear fuel, (waste).
    First Nations and Aboriginal people have not been asked to store this material and they will have a vote on the issue when the time comes. (in about 5-7 years) By then, the site will be narrowed down.
    The NWMO has reached out to ALL residents in Ontario and that includes First Nations people. MNO, and an elders circle as well as many reserves from across the land, are all engaged in the learn more process as well as CAP.
    Some people react to this as treason and visualize atomic bombs going off, but this will not be the case.
    When people start questioning the validity of ones ancestry in this country, it shows how the population has become divided, scared and angry. Mr. Bertrand is a person with aboriginal forefathers/mothers and as such needs not answer to accusations, especially from hot heads and agitated people.
    CAP is doing it’s best with the meagre finances it receives. CAP can only help different aboriginal groups if the financing is there. Unlike the federal government which continues to borrow money, CAP must exist on the finances which it receives from government and other agencies which does include the NWMO. The only winner in this situation is the federal government with a continuing policy of division between the aboriginal groups.

    1. Jon:

      NWMO has all of the appearances of a well meaning, culturally sensitive project – but I can’t help but wonder why Canada isn’t considering disposing of nuclear waste deep beneath Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver – or any other cities, for that matter. you’ve been present in the discussions. Has anyone asked? What was the answer?

  5. Indigenous peoples were never beneficiaries of these nuclear materials so why are they being asked/forced to store the waste?

  6. Kevin Daniels has a wonderful spirit and has raised valid concerns. As for CAP, this organization is supposed to assist families like my own. Unfortunately every time we went there for assistance, we received nothing. So CAP, YOU DO NOT HAVE OUR CONSENT TO REPRESENT

    1. You people have no right to put grandfather’s gifts in your blatant and non respectful actions around an eagle staff. Shame on your actions and I hope elders step up to explain why this is wrong wrong wrong!

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