Ottawa needs to fund independent investigation into Thunder Bay deaths: Angus

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3 thoughts on “Ottawa needs to fund independent investigation into Thunder Bay deaths: Angus

  1. The youth should be able to stay with their families and go to school. Especially when they expect First Nations people to be housed where the general population has expressed pure hatred towards First Nations by killing and/or violence. I think the neighbouring reserves should pull all their youth from the schools in Thunder Bay. That place is toxic for First Nations people. Start firing all senior staff at the Thunder Bay police station for not doing their job. Kids are dying and the Thunder Bay police force is collecting pay cheques, sitting back and watching.

  2. I’m not so sure I’d want the RCMP to investigate, a force who’s brass is tarnished beyond repair. How many RCMP officers were guilty of sexual assault, harassment, bullying, out and out ABUSE of their own female colleagues?…and did any of these officers face any disciplinary action against them? who are they? and where are they from?

    Who would want ‘one’ of these officers investigating First Nations disappearance, mysterious deaths, when it is obvious they don’t respect their own.

    How many of these RCMP officers were REPEAT OFFENDERS?

    Maybe call in an outside source to investigate.
    Enough is enough.

  3. I’m glad to hear that the MP has taken the initiative to communicate with the Minister…although this initial step has taken years…But when does commonsense of this government start? Children are dying needlessly in Canada… not just in Thunder Bay but across the Nation! It doesn’t take a multimillion dollar investigation to figure out children removed from their families and communities are going to suffer if they desire a secondary education. Non indigenous families would not tolerate their children being sent hundreds of miles away from them to live in “rooming houses” at 12 or 13 years old so they could go to school…yet First Nations children and their families have done this for decades.
    Buy a building, staff the building with qualified First Nations staff and feed them! The cost way less then another useless investigation.

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