Ontario chiefs launch treaty battle

If Ontario’s Lieutenant-Governor didn’t know Sunday was the anniversary of the Robinson Huron Treaty signing, he does now.

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If Ontario’s Lieutenant-Governor didn’t know Sunday was the anniversary of the Robinson-Huron Treaty signing, he does now.

A number of chiefs paid a visit to Queen’s Park with a message.

APTN National News reporter Delaney Windigo was there and files this report.

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  1. http://youtu.be/8YYxtteQJrs
    http://mohawkworkers.wordpress.com We, the Mohawks of the Ouse / Grand River (a sovereign state within “Canada”), having for centuries proved to be faithful allies of the Crown of Great Britain — and having lost our ancestral homelands due to England’s wars such as the American Revolution — were awarded approximately 1 million acres on the banks of the Grand River running into Lake Erie, allotting to us, for the purpose of possession and settlement, six nautical miles deep from each side of the Grand river, beginning at Lake Erie, and extending in that proportion to the head of the said river, which we, and such others’ prosperity are to enjoy forever.

    This decree that granted land to the Iroquois under the Mohawks was issued by the Governor of the Province of Quebec, Frederick Haldimand, on October 25, 1784 and is known as “The Haldimand Proclaimation”. Because it has never been lawfully ceded, it remains of full binding force and effect.Very simply, frauds and deceit have usurped this war reparation and robbed our people of what is rightfully ours, depriving us, to this day, of any homeland upon which to hunt and gather food and medicine, and leaving us with only stalled Land Claims and unpaid invoices. Broken promises, fraud, embezzlement and genocide — and worse — have all been perpetrated at the unclean hands of too many to count at this time.

    Currently, the courts of Canada only recognize a defacto Band Council (and the Six Nation’s Confederacy) as the legal representatives of impugned “Six Nations lands”, who evidently permitted, inter alia, Brant County and the city of Brantford to unlawfully negotiate matters of land issues with unlawful (albeit ‘elected’) Band Councils who acted without the Mohawk Statemen’s approval) under the terms of the abhorrent Canadian “Indian Act”, or the so-called “Six Nation’s Confederacy” under the terms of the defacto “Simcoe Deed of 1793″ (which preempted the Haldimand), once again, WITHOUT MOHAWK CONSENT. (Note: “NO COUNCIL OF THE LEAGUE SHALL BE LEGAL UNLESS ALL OF THE STATESMEN OF THE MOHAWKS ARE PRESENT.” [From: Kayanerehkowa, Wampum #6]

    This travesty leaves Mohawk lands and land questions unresolved and disappearing — a direct violation of Mohawk land rights and of our human rights. Our hunting and food / medicine gathering grounds were corrupted and polluted, leaving many areas now totally devoid of any natural value. Current toxic (human waste) sludge dumps at the Grand River source water (one of Earth’s largest freshwater aquafier) in Dundalk attest to the scale and sense of gravity at hand.

    Accordingly, we as Mohawk people appeal for support from any decent people to whom justice and peace remain important. We remain open to support, advice, and advocacy in 0ur struggle to have our voices heard. Our message is simple: “We Invite All to Return to the Great Peace”.

    Message from: Bill Squire, Spokesperson for the Haldimand Mohawks of the Grand River.

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