One flag, 3 bloody scalps, and an artist who wants to change the law

Tamara Pimentel
APTN National News
An Indigenous artist based out of Calgary is hoping her politically charged artwork will actually change an old law still on the books in Canada.

Lee Deranger’s latest creation is bringing to light a law established more than 200 years ago.

It features the flag of Nova Scotia nailed to barn wood along with three bloody scalps. Spray painted underneath are the words ‘Reconcile This.’

“Reconcile this? Well, how do you reconcile it?” said Deranger. “How do Canadians reconcile the fact that there is a scalp law in the books?”

Her art represents a 268-year-old scalp law that is still on the books in Nova Scotia. Made before Nova Scotia was a province and before Canada was even a country, the law was a British proclamation made in 1749.

It offered a bounty for the scalps of Mi’kmaq People.

“The roots of the problems we have in this country with children’s programs, women’s programs, missing and murdered women. how much of that is generational dating back to women’s and children’s scalps in the 1700s?”

Deranger first learned about the scalp law after living on the East coast and hearing people talk about it. She was inspired to create the piece of art after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued its report in 2015.

“It always stuck in my head that we live in a country where my nieces who have Mi’kmaq heritage are growing up in a province that offers a bounty for their scalps.”

Deranger said the three scalps represent the British crown, the Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia.

All three refused to take responsibility for the law when chiefs asked for it to be taken down in 1999.

But this year she hopes that her artwork will cause enough national embarrassment to once and for all take the law out of the books.

“It’s time for this country to get real about reconciliation. We’ve been erased from the history books. People don’t know about our history, they don’t know about their own history.”

It’s not only a battle that the Mikmaq has to fight, but it’s also an issue that affects the whole country, said Deranger.

“We need to let the Mikmaq know that the rest of the country is ready to stand behind them in a really reconciliation effort. It’s 2017, it’s the country’s 150th birthday and we have this huge effort to reconcile history. Let’s do it.”

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3 thoughts on “One flag, 3 bloody scalps, and an artist who wants to change the law

  1. Steve says:

    So can I go scalp a Micmac turn in that scalp for the bounty money and not be charged for murder? Is it possible for a smart lawyer to get me off? I was acting under the directives of the law.

  2. Im willing to bet the law is unconstitutional anyway…..if they don’t know what government created the law (one that doesn’t exists anymore) then they don’t know who can rescind it…..I feel like people jump to conclusions way too much and assume so much in these situations……it’s a stupid law and would never be encircled or use anyway, it’s on constitutional.

  3. The issue is being downplayed by all these feel good ‘consultation’s but it is lip service and does not address the ‘realized’ genocide which was revealed by Beverly Mclaughlin when she admitted on behalf of CANADIANS that CANADA was GUILTY of the ‘attempt’ of genocide (read the genocide description of the UN which CANADA is signatory to) against the original boarding school children. What she didn’t state is that genocide is not aimed at only one segment of a society but includes the whole body (not just a portion of the society so affected) of those who experienced such actions. The genocide was indeed successful as the attrition rate from such an action is documented (although the process is tainted as the TRC was woefully underfunded) and yet when this admission of ‘attempted’ genocide (it was not ‘cultural’ genocide as the newspapers reported that Mclaughlin stated) was made in 2015 there should have been a response from the UN to send out committees and other observers and investigators to realize the full scope and cause as well the the perpetrators of the ‘attempt’. As you have rightly pointed out it was the Imperial Clown who began the genocide and created a land holding company called CANADA to manage the resources on behalf of the Imperial Clown. Nowhere in the treaties does it explain how the Imperial Clown is obligated or responsible for the genocide began with the “Fur Trade’ a fictional corporate activity exactly the same as the USA coalition involvement in SYRIA. The area was destabilized by foreign interests who divided the local tribes and disparately armed them and created a ‘warre’ zone (read Leviathan) where they have to now effect ‘peace’ful extraction of resources for the ‘benefit’ of Syrians being so subjugated. It was no different here in the same invasion phase. Here you could scalp and be paid for killing ‘injuns’ and over in Syria well paid career soldiers and mercenaries from many ‘civilized’ countries are committing the offenses against children and others for profit. The IMPERIAL CLOWN and CANADA are proud of the destruction they have sown in the name of Jesus Christ and stand by Psalm 72:8-9 imperative on behalf of God (who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty) to ‘have dominion also from sea to sea’ and ‘the ends of the earth’ and ‘They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him’. Hence we have THE DOMINION OF CANADA which has been altered to hide the true nature of it’s existence which is ‘conversion of the property of the idolaters’ a continuation of the Roman CHRISTIAN DOMINATION plan inherited by the Imperial Clown with the Roman legal system. It is noteworthy that CANADA still relies on the “Doctrine of Discovery” a decidedly religious document espousing the superiority of the CHRISTENDOM mentality which is a directive from GOD to subjugate originals yet the Supreme Court of BC refuted a claim by originals using the ‘legal precedent’ that ‘one can not have a belief which causes another to have to do something or alternately causes a person not to be able to do something. If indeed that case is upheld by the Supreme Court of CANADA then it will invalidate CANADA’s whole legal system if that hasn’t already occurred. Oh what a tangled web has been promulgated upon not only ‘injuns’ but also upon CANADIANS who are BRITISH economic slaves since Trudeau 1.0 started us on international debt in 1972/4 but more realistically since they voted in 1947 not to be BRITISH SUBJECTS any longer and became CITIZENS of CANADA and hence enemy traders against the Clown of England at which point then they had to pay ‘INCOME’ taxes for the benefit of such claim. CANADIAN HIGH SCHOOL education is compulsory yet you never learn the truth there. Only enough to rely on faulted information but too busy since trying to survive to learn any new lies er programs….

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