Oliver: ‘dysfunctional’ comments “not referring to First Nations in general”

APTN National News
Joe Oliver, the federal Minister of Natural Resources, has come under fire recently for suggesting that Aboriginal communities are “socially dysfunctional”  in comments to the Vancouver Board of Trade.

In this interview with APTN National News anchor Michael Hutchinson, Oliver addresses the comment, as well as Keystone XL, the Prosperity mine, and upcoming changes to the Fisheries Act.

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1 thought on “Oliver: ‘dysfunctional’ comments “not referring to First Nations in general”

  1. What a lying hypocrite, Oliver says here is ok for first nations to oppose anything period, but if you happen to be white, or any other color, the gloves are off and you’re a foreign radical.
    Then on the issue of his “socially dysfunctional” again he says this was not about aboriginals, wow, so who was he referring to? He even goes so far as to denying that he even said it.
    This all from a government that holds power be stealing the election. Meaning in the real world they have no credible right to be governing Canada.

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