NWAC appeals to Harper government to fund project aimed at helping Indigenous women

To date, NWAC has received no funding and had to lay off five employees earlier this year.

APTN National News
Almost a year ago, the Native Women’s Association of Canada applied to the Status of Women minister seeking funding for a program to combat violence against Indigenous women.

They’re still waiting.

Project Peace sits on the shelf and the five employees who would run it are out of a job.

The employees were laid off in April when funding for a different NWAC program ran out.

The new funding was supposed to begin May 1 and NWAC had a meeting with Minister Kellie Leitch at the end of March hoping to secure it.

But it never came and NWAC said their proposal was revised multiple times.

NWAC met with Leitch again Tuesday where they pressed for answers on the $500,000 they are requesting.

President Michele Audette was at that meeting and says NWAC hopes to know more Friday.

The Harper government recently announced a $25 million “action plan” to help end violence against Indigenous women

The feds say they traveled the country seeking input on the plan.

But Audette said NWAC was never consulted.

Audette spoke to APTN National News from our Ottawa bureau.

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