Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq chiefs encouraged after summit with MPs

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3 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq chiefs encouraged after summit with MPs

  1. If our people are lead to self governance, you think you have nothing now, you will have less and truly be assimilated and a prisoner to the Settlers way of life. It is these Indian Act Elected Officials that are the not on our side. They are paid by the federal government and known as “Indian Agents” today. KMNKO TAKE direction from the Settlers, there is no negotiating process, it’s the federal government way or no way.

    1. The Government is elected by us, Canadian citizens, including the first nations people, not to be our enemy. The Government gets elected in the hope that our land will be governed fairly, equitably and sensibly. Secretly, I am glad I don’t have to do it myself… Social action is, however, still needed to make the Government aware of how to do it, the equitable governing that is. Not to let them know that they are our enemy…

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