Northern Saskatchewan braces for more flooding

People in the far northern reaches of Saskatchewan say they’re facing the worst flooding they’ve seen in years.

That’s where roads are flooded out and water is threatening their homes.

Now the situation is expected to get worse.

Robert Ray from Sandy Bay First Nation says he’s concerned that his community will flood.

There are record high levels in the waterways, including at nearby Island Falls dam.

Saskatchewan Power expects water to keep rising until August.

Ray says he’s not sure what will happen next.

“Sask power and the leaders of our community met and made a plan an emergency plan,” said Ray. “That was approximately three days ago no plan no information has went to the public yet.”

Peter Beatty, chief of Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, says he was advised that the water near his community won’t peak until the end of July.

“Most of the impact is being felt on the Reindeer River because there is a dam its called the White Sand Dam they use it as a reservoir holding dam for the power station that’s on the Churchill River.

because the Reindeer River runs into the Churchill River.”

Beaty said he hasn’t declared a state of emergency – but he’s not ruling that out.

“It’s something that’s unprecedented,” he said. “There have been high waters previously but not to this extent the power generating station at Sandy Bay is where all of the water goes those gates have been open so theirs going to be flooding issues down stream.”

According to Environment Canada, there is more rain in the forecast.

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