North catches reality TV’s attention

APTN National News
There are shows about northern pilots and northern truck drivers.

As APTN’s Wayne Rivers reports one local company wants to get in on the action and show some tradition.

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1 thought on “North catches reality TV’s attention

  1. The definition of cruelty is causing unnecessary harm. The trapped animals are harmed, that’s indisputable. So how is it necessary? I didn’t see anyone in that video wearing fur coats or pants.

    Fur is a dying fashion business, only being propped up by sales in China, Russia and Scandinavia. I suspect all these trappers are hobbyists. Do you know of anyone who makes a living solely by trapping? That’s the only possible ethical argument.

    I suppose as long as we have politicians like the Trudeau family wrapped in fur for their traditional Christmas card and the Governor General chowing down on some bloody seal meat for the camera to show her support for the traditional Canadian way of life, Canada will always remain a cruel country.

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