No moccasins for Finance Minister Morneau

Finance Minister Bill Morneau indicated last month he was thinking of wearing moccasins on budget day

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After indicating during a town hall last month that he was thinking about wearing moccasins on the day the federal Liberal government unveils its first federal budget, Finance Minister Bill Morneau has opted for a pair of  lace-up dress shoes.

Finance ministers have traditionally chosen footwear before federal budgets meant to symbolize the focus of the upcoming spending plan.

Morneau put on the pair of Canadian-made shoes at the Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club in Toronto earlier Friday.

“I double-knot my shoes,” said Morneau, to the group of children around him.

The shoes were made by Canadian shoe-designer Ron White.

During a town hall on Feb. 22, Morneau complemented an Indigenous man in the audience on the vest he was wearing before indicating he was thinking of wearing moccasins on budget day.

“They’ve asked me for the budget in the news to wear moccasins,” said Morneau, who then pointed to the side of his head indicating he was thinking of it.

“I have some, if you want to wear them,” said the man.

Morneau was referring to a report in a newspaper suggesting he should wear the moccasins given his government’s expressed commitments to First Nation people.

The Liberals said the choice of footwear, which cost $179.99, and location of the event was meant to show the next budget is targeting children and middle-class Canadians.

Former Mulroney-era cabinet minister John Crosbie once wore mukluks on budget day.

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