No charges against N.B. police officer in shooting death of Chantel Moore

No charges

Chantel Moore was shot and killed by Edmunston police on June 4.

New Brunswick’s Public Prosecutions Services says no criminal charges will be filed against the police officer who fatally shot Chantel Moore a year ago.

Moore, 26, from Tla-o-qui-aht Nation in British Columbia, was shot by a member of the Edmundston Police Force during a wellness check on June 4, 2020.

Investigators said at the time that the shooting occurred after the young woman approached the officer with a knife in her hand.

Quebec’s independent police watchdog, known as the Bureau des enquetes independantes, investigated the case because New Brunswick does not have its own police oversight agency.

In a statement today, the prosecutions office says the evidence showed the officer was responding to a potentially lethal threat and his actions were reasonable under the circumstances.

“The action of the officer was in response to a potential lethal threat approaching him quickly, having no other escape option available on the third-floor balcony he was confined to, and following repeated orders that Ms. Moore drop the weapon she was holding,” says a statement from the prosecution service.

Prosecutors concluded there was no reasonable prospect of conviction.

Rodney Levi

Rodney Levi
Rodney Levi was a loving family man who struggled with mental health issues, according to his sister Linda. Photo courtesy: Linda Levi

In January, the public prosecutions service announced that no charges will be filed against the RCMP officers involved in the fatal shooting of Rodney Levi also in June of last year.

The prosecutions service said the officers were acting lawfully to protect residents after responding to a complaint about a disturbance.

Levi, who was from the Metepenagiag First Nation, was shot dead by the RCMP on the evening of June 12 in Miramichi, N.B.

A coroner’s inquest will look into the shooting.

Levi, 48, was attending a barbecue on June 12 near Metepenagiag.

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