Nine arrested after RCMP blocks teepee raising on Parliament Hill

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21 thoughts on “Nine arrested after RCMP blocks teepee raising on Parliament Hill

  1. Lol wow breaking news from canada haha cracked me up… only in canada jees what a terrible thing to do jk. Good thing our taxes were hard at work to serve and protect us from a tp. What a joke

  2. Where are we getting money from lol like really hate it when people say we get money don’t you think we would have our own houses else were if we got money smh oh wow $5 a year that’s it lol


    Our traditions no different than so many others who we have accepted here as Canadians
    Our spirit has not been broken and we should be allowed to celebrate with all of our traditional dress ..

  4. Colonial invasion, arrests, punishment… hundreds of years later, the dispossessed continue to remember. Again…arrests, punishment. Why can there not be a space for fasting and ceremony? What is so threatening about inclusion? What harm does a simple tipi do? Perhaps Canada’s idea of celebrating can’t bear to include the shame of land theft from those whose home this was–and that memory of their descendants. I am a descendant of colonizers— and I openly feel shame.
    As a sign of the times, consider this one: CANADA 150 MIKMAKI 13,000.
    We need to learn everything about environmental protection and making peace with the land from those who cared for it so well for thousands of years. It is WE who are the agents of deadly climate change.

  5. A teepee is not a tent. That should have been enough, they were on unceded territory…that should have been enough…I think the Canadian government is more scared of Indigenous people than they are of homeland and outside of Canada terrorists. I mean really give your head a shake arresting people for putting up a teepee…,shame on you RCMP.

  6. I think there should be a permanent teepee on Parliament Hill!
    I wish I could have been there to help.
    My family came to Canada 50 years ago to escape apartheid in South Africa. I eventually was disappointed to learn that it was a system based on the one used to oppress Canada’s indigenous people. So, we will celebrate on Saturday while acknowledging that in many ways this is still a developing country with many changes to make so that all voices are heard and every one can make a difference together.

    1. As First Nations people of this generation and as Anishnabek still living in Canada, we have every right what to celebrate and what not to. I might add even whenever we want to. We are true North Americans Indians who resided here before the coming of the European settlers. Due to how we have been treated in the past, I don’t feel like celebrating when our land was officially taken from us, colonialism started from that day forth. For 150 yrs. our land has been depleted, our rights have dissolved & the Government is doing everything to assimilate us still. We only live in the land THEY have named Canada therefore I can’t celebrate what we have lost and keep losing yearly.

    1. lol, that land belongs to the crown because treaties were signed.

      This is where the term “Indian giver” came from.

  7. In this day and age , I ask why . You claim to celebrate 150 Years well subtract that from 2017 then ask yourself bout the rest of those days where were you and where were us

  8. I have no trouble with a protest however this is how the play should unfold.

    1) Abandon the Indian Act or as Trump says, renegotiate.
    2) Dissolve reserves and integrate Natives into society where everyone has to earn their living and not be given money for nothing.


    1. This is y white Canadians are so ignorant and dumb we do not use your tax money or anything for the money we get from the government it is our money the government holds are money throw these Indian acts for one it has 3 trillions dollars generated 31 billion a year and that all our money and oh guess what the government steals from it to pay for your health care and so many services u use so before u talk about your money going to us give your head a shake cause we use none your money

    2. The FN trust fund interest is far more than FN receive I understand that monies ( interest) built the CNR, the Welland Canal, Osgood Hall, the Canadian Museum and has kept Canada a float many times.

    3. Do you know exactly what you are talking about? Research and educate yourself before you make comments about something you know nothing about….

    4. OK- all Canada needs to do is to give back the land of Canada to its rightful owners, the First Nations. They will then help you integrate into their society so you can learn how to live without destroying the environment.

    5. 3) Give BACK ‘Canada’ – all of it’s land, to the First Nation’s people who lived here for thousands of years before Europeans invaded, dismantled and stole it!

    6. Money for nothing hey. Give the land back 95% of BC is unceded territory. Our people as a whole are healing from residential schools. I’ve learned about intergenerstional trauma. I’m the first generation in 6 generations to raise my children. A right that was taken from my people or they would go to jail. I agree with obeying the law but then part of me says put up the teepee! Pray! Drum! Sing! Dance! Canada will be great when we listen and learn from one another. I’m not celebrating 150. Everyday I walk in this earth I be kind to others I believe in random acts of kindness and equal rights for all.

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