New study suggests link between foster care system and youth homelessness

A first-of-its-kind study in Canada is drawing a link between youth homelessness levels and the foster care system.

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2 thoughts on “New study suggests link between foster care system and youth homelessness

  1. I highly disagree with the content of this study, because when giving out homeless food in Calgary it seemed to be nearly half the homeless were either children from care or parents devistated by child’s services involvement. You may not be placing blame, but I sure am. Do a study that shows the permanent damage done to parents and children by children’s services and than you will have a more accurate picture. Parents without their children lose hope and their will to be better people. Children who lose parents who they know are flawed but love them lose hope. Children beat, molested and raped in foster homes never get over it, and often are sent places worse than they came from. My son was in a group home in Red Deer where the staff let them stay out til four in the morning. That’s the love and care our children receive when removed from their families. Unless a child is being physically harmed removing that child does more damage than good. Even worse is the amount of power given to these third party interlopers. They still feel they need more. They blame kinship for deaths when they are the ones who decide how much time the parents gets with the kids. They let high risk people kill their kids and then blame not having stricter laws. They are moving towards ultimate authority and no one is doing anything to stop them. So here is how it works. If 3000 kids in the system turn 18 this year they need to apprehend 3000 more to keep their jobs. They need to apprehend more if they want more funding. They have to justify their existence… and now that they are finding less kids in these extreme situations they have to take kids for minor infractions. They no longer need proof or evidence… and you will find the most shocking and disturbing acts are committed by parents who were groomed by this organization. They create the next generation of children to take by keeping foster kids in unrealistic settings and situations. Former foster children get away with crimes like raping an 11 year old for months threatening to kill her parents with a mere five years cause they were abused as foster kids. Over 400 kids saved from a pedophile ring… when I asked I was told approximately 70% were foster kids or under ward of the state. I’m grateful you people are looking at the facts related to homeless kids… but this story goes so much deeper. This is intentional. Kids with no skills turn to crime and other means to survive. They make poor life choices. Often they end up with kids and no skills to take care of them.. which puts them and their kids right back in the system. Foster children are groomed for failure, and that should be put directly on the childrens services department. Thank you for your time.

    1. I think that mcfd is being groomed to be another legal form of residential schools but will be children in care first nations all the beatings rape starvation mental abuse and after all this theyre thrown out in the streets to fend for themselves eventually they have fsmilies that they have no idea how to raise their children and they end of in the system like a wheel it keeps on going around and ariund with each new generation i would suggest to trudeau that he build big care homes for first nation youth and train first nations to run them on their own lands

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