New streaming service brings Aboriginal music to devices around the world

There’s a new way to discover Indigenous music in Canada along with some old favourites.

APTN’s First Peoples Radio is teaming up with a major music streaming service to bring Aboriginal music to all your devices.

Stingray is a music streaming website and APP with more than 2,000 channels.

It will allow a number of established and new artists to get their music to a larger audience.

“Our music is very diverse, and it can definitely also be mainstream, said singer-songwriter Beatrice Deer. “It’s not just traditional music anymore.”

Deer has been recording for 12 years and just released her latest called, Fox.

“My songs are mostly in Inuktitut and the general public mostly goes for English language music,” she said. “So I think that’s the main challenge.”

But Stingray will offer up many different kinds of music.

“There was also a lot of questions from when we travelled around the world from people who said ‘we want to hear Aboriginal music from North America,'” said Pierre-Jean Lavigne, senior produce manager for Stingray music. “Surprisingly in the Netherlands, there was a lot of demand and the UK as well.”

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