New resource "superboard" in Northwest Territories could disrupt land claims

APTN National News
Ottawa is planning to streamline the resource development process in the Northwest Territories, combining three advisory boards into one new “superboard”.

Chiefs in the territory, however, are worried that too many changes could disrupt negotiations for land claims and self-government agreements.

APTN National News reporter Cullen Crozier has the details on the potential “superboard” and what the reaction is on the ground.

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1 thought on “New resource "superboard" in Northwest Territories could disrupt land claims

  1. I am not a first nation person and I think the whole point of all these changes IS to disrupt negotiations for land claims and self government agreements. The Harper government has a master plan and they will destroy Canada. Its happening in all sectors and they wont stop until there is alot of money made for the cost of our wildlife, land and water. The fact that this money will only stay in the pockets of these companies and do not go to the countries needs is devastating. We will still have poverty and low education and low health care. The new budget is an insult. They say they will give millions to first nations for education. I dont believe that. With everything that is happening to our land, there should not be anyone without basic needs, ever!!! Our education for everyone in Canada should be the highest level possible. The healthcare available should be of the highest standards. Shelter should be a priority for every First Nation/Canadian. The Harper Government is not to be trusted for anything. They have broken many laws already that no one is noticing. They must be stopped at all costs.

    Thank you,
    Galadriel Lawrence

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