New documentary looks into the Grizzly Truth of annual bear hunt in B.C.

Tina House
APTN National News
A new documentary called The Grizzly Truth has been released.

The documentary highlights the controversy surrounding the grizzly bear hunt that takes place twice a year on the Northwest coast of British Columbia.

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2 thoughts on “New documentary looks into the Grizzly Truth of annual bear hunt in B.C.

  1. What’s the use of a park if they are not seems it would be easier to kill a bear in a park bc there must be a particular area these bears like to its easy to find them.. that’s not hunting ..thats going to an area to kill not hunt..this type of so called hunting should be banned..In a few years you’ll be saying that these bears are becoming extinct..redicules, redicules.

    1. I live way across the pond in the UK it is totally unbelievable that people want to go out & gun down these bears. Are these people uneducated imbeciles better they went out & hunted each other down. Makes BC look like an uncivilized place, not somewhere to visit

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