New book details life on and off the ice for Bryan Trottier

NHL Hall of Famer and Stanley Cup champion Bryan Trottier may be done playing at hockey’s highest level, but that hasn’t stopped him from making headlines.

He recently released a book entitled All Roads Home: A life on and off the ice.

When asked what prompted him to write a book now, Trottier said it just felt like the right time.

“Where I am in life – I’m in my 60s and out of hockey – and kind of an open book now, no pun intended,” Trottier said.

“I think the wonderful thing is sharing the stories and the experiences and the joys of growing up with my buddies, and the people that have helped me get to where I was in the NHL and all of those accomplishments.”

Trottier, the son of a Cree Métis Chippewa father and Irish mother, said he hopes the book can inspire youth and student athletes to continue chasing their dreams, whatever they may be.

“I hope it influences – in a positive way – maybe some future student athletes that have a dream; it doesn’t have to be in hockey, it could be in music, art, painting, whatever your talents are.”

While the book highlights many of the great accomplishments of his career, Trottier said there are some personal stories of hardship he hopes people can connect with.

“Couple of twists and turns, a couple overcoming of depression, that kind of stuff, I think they’ll understand that,” he said.

With so many different stories, Trottier said it’s those of being a parent and grandparent that he cherishes most and hopes readers can learn more about that side of him.

“There’s lots of little sides of myself – I think the father, the grandfather, I think will be wonderful surprises for them,” he said.

“My kids are just great, and they’ve been my pure joy throughout my life from the time I became a father in 1978. Now I’m a grandfather, I’m tickled every day by these kids and I think they’ll get to see that side of me.”


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