New $10 banknote celebrated in Calgary featuring James Gladstone

Video Journalist / Calgary

Tamara is Métis from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She received a diploma in interactive media arts at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon and has worked as a videographer for CBC in Winnipeg and Iqaluit. Tamara was hired by APTN in 2016 as a camera/editor and is now a video journalist in our Calgary bureau.

2 thoughts on “New $10 banknote celebrated in Calgary featuring James Gladstone

  1. Anymore pictures of the family because half are in the other side and not included. Are you able to send me anymore pics to share with family members! We would really appreciate it and I’m a granddaughter of Senator James Gladstone and she proud !!! Thanks My son, sisters, cousins, and grandchildren are on the other side! Plus, John Dempsey is wearing Senator Gladstone’s original headdress and regalia! Please and thank you! This is a dream come true and we are so appreciative

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