Negotiated compromise produces ‘historic’ teepee raising on central Parliament Hill lawn

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5 thoughts on “Negotiated compromise produces ‘historic’ teepee raising on central Parliament Hill lawn

  1. Very happy to see that a small step was made in respecting the rights to occupy unceded land and bring attention to very important issues.. One thing to celebrate today

  2. Great example of our law enforcement!
    The police end up helping the law breakers!

  3. Here it is, in the year 2017. The tipi, which should have been applauded and honoured by everyone when it was being erected, instead occasioned a police visit and fear of reprisals. No space, no legality for the descendants of those whose lands were stolen in an eventual huge coast- to- coast grab. Just what has really changed? As a descendant of those whose massive theft robbed the original occupants, I feel shame and a desire for justice for them. I remember this sign of our coming festival: CANADA 150; MIKMAKI 13,000.
    First Nations are the best, wisest and most motivated communities to protect us from further insane leaps (including PM Trudeau’s KinderMorgan) into the climate change void. I cannot say thank you enough to them. May Grandfather Commanda’s hope for Akikodjwan opposite Parliament Hill come to fruition during the time of these 150 events. It might be a turning sign.

  4. This is a very good start for proper recognition of First Nations on Parliament Hill.
    Someone has to help Mother Earth and all of us as it is not being done by
    Politicians. Thank you for you energy.

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