NDP MP calls for Conservative Senator to resign after residential school comments

Annette Francis
APTN National News
NDP MP Romeo Saganash is calling on Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak to resign after comments she made about residential schools.

Saganash, the Member of Parliament for Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou, and a residential school survivor.

On Wednesday night, Beyak stood in the Senate chamber and told her colleagues that the media was only reporting on the bad news stories coming from the residential school issue and not the good that some people did.

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8 thoughts on “NDP MP calls for Conservative Senator to resign after residential school comments

  1. wow,, that’s like saying some good came out of the Nazi death camps, that is really shocking she has not been removed from the conservative party!!

  2. Kick this bitch to the curb where she belongs . Has no right in the senate . There where no good people in that system , only ones “just doing their jobs ” for their own benefit .

  3. Tell me what was good about it! I had to sit with my mother during her “hearing” for residential school survivors, I was so upset because of what she and the survivors had to go through during their stay at residential school. I had heard the stories but never talked to my mother about it. It was clearly rape and child abuse! Nobody was charged for these criminal acts from where she went to school. My mother has dementia. During the second hearing she could not remember some of the information she provided on the application or the first hearing. She was lost during the hearing, she looked at me to help , I could not help her because I was told I could not say anything to her. Because of that, she was once again humiliated! She received a minimal payment because she did not remember EXACTLY what she said in the first hearing, (mainly names) All I could do was sit there with tears rolling down my face because she wanted help and couldn’t do anything! My mother became an alcoholic. I lived with my grandmother with my brothers and cousins because her siblings also went to residential school and suffered the same abuse as my mother did. I could never understand why my mother wasn’t there until I had to sit and listen to what happened to her.

  4. My grades were never higher. Mostly because I wanted to stay in the classroom for as long as possible. I could have done without the molestation. That held me back for years. But my grades were good.

  5. There is truth to the horrible treatment many first nations children suffered at residential schools. There is also truth that many teachers at these schools were loving committed educators with the children’s interest at heart. Both truths need to be recognized.

  6. It still shows the true colours of the Conservatives and it makes you wonder how Sincere their apology was to victims of the Residential school syndrome

  7. What on earth is a pea brain ( and that is insulting a pea ) doing as a senator . He should go to school and get educated so he can learn what’s going on in this country .

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