Nation to Nation: Political panel spars over deaths of children in care

Todd Lamirande
Nation to Nation
Since October, four children have died while in care in Ontario.

That province’s children’s advocate called out Premier Kathleen Wynn for not doing enough.

Our political panel discusses what the federal government should be doing.

Also, an Indigenous woman from Papua New Guinea is making a plea to Canada.

Do something about some employees at a Canadian-owned mine who allegedly abused and sexually assaulted her people.

And is the Department of Indigenous Affairs actually doing anything about land claims and self-government?

A senior bureaucrat says that yes negotiations are happening at dozens of tables.

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1 thought on “Nation to Nation: Political panel spars over deaths of children in care

  1. What the CEO’s should realize, is that negotiations should only be commenced after the return of ALL Native Children to their Nations.

    See GenocideJustifiedByPipelines

    If THIS UN case isn’t included to be addressed at the commencement of any negotiations, the negotiations shall have NO credibility whatsoever. As long as Canada holds Our Future Generations HOSTAGE in their New Residential School System (CPS), and implement laws that deprive us of access to Our Natural Resources (such as Bill C-51) in an equitable fashion, can ANY negotiations be considered valid.

    The core concern and issue is OUR RIGHT TO EXIST.

    See Rescue7MohawkBabies

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