Mother’s fight against Ottawa to pay for braces worth every penny if it helps others

Beverly Andrews
APTN National News
Early last year, APTN told you the story of a young girl from Alberta who was denied dental care by the federal government.

This week, her family was in court arguing on why she should have been covered.

But the fight is more for future First Nations families who may run into the same thing as the child’s family paid out of pocket to get the braces.

“If I can make it easier for one parent behind me so they don’t have to go through this ridiculous amount of red tape or deal with policies that just do not make sense and are completely outdated than its absolutely worth every minute of my time and my financial investment to it,” said Stacey Shiner.

It turns out the government has paid more fighting the family in court than it would have cost to get the braces in the first place.

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5 thoughts on “Mother’s fight against Ottawa to pay for braces worth every penny if it helps others

  1. I’m in Ontario. Several years ago my daughter needed major dental work that requires braces and surgery. I did not have coverage and our claim was denied as well. I couldn’t believe it! INAC paid for the consultation fee of of 400 or 500 and I couldn’t help but feel that the orthodontist knew they would cover that fee but not the orthodontist work. I feel that there is gouging of FN on the part of some orthodontists who want the consultation fee but know the INAC doesn’t pay for braces. How much does INAC give orthodontist for consultation but then NO support to kids or whomever for braces. The system is corrup! This should be investigated — this angle would put pressure on revealing the crookedness of the system and lack of honouring treaty rights with FN.

  2. How do some of us who support her, with similar issues contact her? My son needs braces.

  3. [email protected] my daughter’s were refused as well I believe they have a policy to refuse every one orthodontist said they needed it my one daughter spit when she talked her teeth were so out if place still refused they will also pull FN teeth yet I’m whiter in color and can’t get anyone to pull my teeth because I have insurance yeah full discrimination going on FN get pulled cause its cheaper than fixing

  4. All this fighting by senior beauicrats is the norm from ottawa. Our national indian reps need to fight the fight..get your heads out of the sand and fight for the little guy..where are your lawyers and fight this cause..

  5. They will not pay for a night mouth guard to protect a child’s teeth either!
    or a permanent bridge but will pay for a removable one..
    they’ll pay for a daily dose of methadone for an addict but not anything to protect the health of a young person or an elder! so many cuts in Medicines that keep a persons health…

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