Mother seeks answers after daughter found dead at Saskatchewan golf course

Creighton RCMP investigating death of 24-year-old Tristin Jobb

Mother seeks answers

The body of Tristin Jobb, 24, was found on a northeast Saskatchewan golf course on Oct. 6.

The mother of a woman found dead on a northeastern Saskatchewan golf course is pushing the RCMP for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Tristin Jobb’s death.

Val Charlette said the body of her 24-year-old daughter was discovered at Phantom Lake Golf Club on Oct. 6.

Charlette, who is Cree from northern Manitoba, claims RCMP officers tried to discourage her from going to the hospital to identify Jobb.

“I was coming regardless because I just didn’t want to believe it was her,” she told APTN News. “I asked them how they knew for sure that it was her.

“They asked me to identify some of her tattoos and they said, ‘Well, yeah, that’s her then’.”

Scrapes and bruising

Charlette said she was eventually allowed to see her daughter, whom she described as having scrapes and bruising on her face.

“The coroner tried hard to convince me that it’s probably exposure what she died from,” the grieving mother said in a telephone interview. “I asked him, ‘How was she laying? How did you find her?’ And [he said] she was lying flat on her back.

“And I was like, well, if it’s exposure, if someone’s cold, they would try to curl up to stay warm but she wasn’t.”

Charlette said Jobb was found inside a golf shelter.

“From where she was found…it told me this wasn’t where she died,” added Charlette, who said she went to the course and spoke to workers there.

“Her hair was very matted in the back, and she had a lot of leaves in her hair. And where she died was where there was a lot of gravel.”

Mother seeks answers
Val Charlette says RCMP officers tried to discourage her from going to the hospital to identify her daughter Tristin Jobb.

Charlette feels the coroner and the RCMP should be treating her daughter’s passing as a suspicious death.

“She was somebody’s daughter and granddaughter; she was someone’s sister and cousin,” Charlette said. “She was someone’s friend…She wasn’t just another native girl, another stat.”

Charlette urges anyone with information about her daughter’s death to reach out to Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak [MKO] or the RCMP.

Charlette was hoping RCMP would announce her daughter’s death, but she is still waiting.

Sgt. Kelly Dinsdale of Creighton RCMP said Wednesday a news release was expected to go out soon. He declined to comment further.


Charlette said Dinsdale told her the RCMP would be asking residents who live near the golf course to share any video footage they may have.

She told APTN her daughter was last seen at the golf course on Oct. 5.

She said a supervisor at the golf course told her she saw Jobb around 6 p.m., and she appeared to be fine.  A maintenance worker told her Jobb tried to enter a nearby home.

“I asked, ‘Well, do you know if the RCMP were called or do you know if she was offered a ride back into town, or if there was a taxi called for her to come and get her?’ and he said he didn’t know.”

Charlette said the RCMP told her a meeting was underway at the golf course and Jobb was asked to leave.

Mother seeks answers
Val Charlette says the body of her 24-year-old daughter was discovered at Phantom Lake Golf Club on Oct. 6.

Charlette says her daughter struggled with alcohol addiction as well as anxiety and depression. But she doesn’t believe Jobb died by suicide, as she says has been suggested by the RCMP and coroner.

She said Jobb was living about three-and-a-half hours away in Nipawin, Sask., but had been the victim of a serious assault there and moved to Charlette’s home in The Pas, Man., about 142 km southeast of Creighton, to feel safer.

The golf course is located between Creighton and Flin Flon, Man., in northeastern Saskatchewan.

Charlette described Jobb as a beautiful girl.

“She was smart, she had a big heart. Very sensitive – very, very sensitive – and compassionate for others.  Even though she struggled at times, she always wanted to help.”

Charlette said a sacred fire lit for Jobb on Oct. 6 went out four days later when the sun came up. The funeral is on hold until her daughter’s body is released, she added.

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