Mother searching for missing daughter, 24, in Vancouver

Daughter was last seen in downtown Vancouver.

A Vancouver family is continuing the search for their daughter, Chelsea Poorman, 24, who vanished after a night out in the city with her sister.

“Just come home and I think about her everyday,” Poorman’s sister Paige Kiernan told APTN News. “We went to a bar there and we went to my friends place and then Chelsea left my friend’s place close to midnight and then I called Chelsea to see where she went and then she didn’t really tell me anything.”

Poorman posted a selfie to Facebook on Saturday Sept. 5, 2020. It was the last post on her timeline.

It was supposed to be a fun night out with her sister Paige when the two girls decided to have a few drinks at a bar on Granville Street, the heart of Vancouver’s main downtown entertainment district.

Within hours however, it would turn into a nightmare for the Poorman family.

The family has created a Facebook Page called Bring Chelsea Home and have been doing various prize raffles and are accepting monetary donations in an effort to raise a $5,000 reward for Chelsea’s whereabouts.

Kiernan recalled her last night with Chelsea and the conversation the two had.

“The last conversation I had with her around one o’clock she said that she was with a new babe and she didn’t tell me where. I tried to ask but then she hung up on me,” she said.

Kiernan says she continued to call her sister but her phone was off. Its been over two months since her disappearance and police are trying to determine who the man was that she was with. Investigators say they have no leads.

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Police say they pinged the last location of Poorman’s cell phone to Hastings Street but it has now been turned off.

Like many others before them, the Poorman family walks in the Downtown Eastside desperately looking for answers.

Her mom Sheila Poorman says Chelsea is vulnerable and has a brain injury as well as walks with a noticeable limp and her left arm is permanently bent at a 90-degree angle. The stress and worry for Chelsea’s mom Sheila and her other two daughters is immense.

“We got a message from a young lady just after we put the posters up and the media went up and she stated that that weekend that my daughter went missing there was some individuals that were out there and they were human traffickers,” Sheila Poorman stated.

Poorman is 5’3″ tall, 120 lbs., and has black hair. According to police, she was last seen wearing a grey sweater, a black crop top, black jeans, and brown boots. She was carrying a beige purse.

The last place Chelsea Poorman was seen was on Granville Street in Vancouver’s entertainment district.

If you have any information about Chelsea’s whereabouts or you know her location or what happened in the early morning hours of Sept. 6, you are asked to call your local police.

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