Mother went to pig farm searching for Pickton victim

Concerns continue over the missing and murdered women’s inquiry, including worries it doesn’t have enough time to do its job.

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Concerns continue to swirl around the missing and murdered women’s inquiry.

There are worries now that the inquiry doesn’t have enough time to do its job.

In a Tweet, one lawyer said the current schedule will leave no time to question police.

Meanwhile police lawyers are haggling over sensitive documents and whether they should be allowed as exhibits.

But the main testimony Monday was all about the families of the victims of the women murdered by serial killer and pig farmer Robert Pickton.

Lynn Frey said she has faith that the inquiry will provide her with justice and with the answers she never received from police after her daughter Marnie went missing in 1997.

Frey says one police officer sarcastically said, “maybe your daughter is on a cruise.”

This led Frey to look for Marnie herself and that’s how rumours of a pig farmer named “Willy” led Lynn Frey out Pickton’s farm in September 1998.

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