Montreal shelter launches shuttle service to get people to appointments

More than 400 people have taken advantage of a pilot project that helps them get to medical and job appointments.

The shuttle services operated by Indigenous Project Quebec is the first of its kind for people without a safe place to stay.

Jeff Guerin is one of the people using it.

“The shuttle bus is a new thing here and it has been going on about two months,” Guerin told APTN News, “maybe three months, and I am glad it has because it has been convenient to go to my appointments. And I am sure with other residents, too.”

In the morning, the bus provides transportation to the airport for people returning to their northern communities. It then ferries users to medical and non-medical appointments within the boundaries of the Island of Montreal.

“There was a need for this service following calls from a number of partners, especially Montreal’s Indigenous network,” said Hugo Gehin, the project coordinator. “Thanks to funding from the city and the network, we were able to set up this service. It was difficult for the Indigenous community to find travel solutions.”

There is no service in the afternoon, but it does start up again in the evening.

“In the evening, we’re more there to help people get to the shelters,” said Gehin. “Picking them up at Metro stations, in strategic places, so that we can take them to the shelters where they can spend the night in a warm place and have a little meal.”

Gehin said there’s enough money in the budget to keep the pilot project going for two years.

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