Montana First Nation man creates Infamous Native Clothing line to honour his family

Vijay Curry started the Infamous Native Clothing company in 2019 with one thought in mind – creating something that would sell so his kids didn’t grow up the way he did.

“I grew up on the streets, and had kind of a rough life of my own”, he tells APTN News. “I didn’t want my kids to grow up like that, so I started this clothing company to try to make something better for them.”

Curry had a rough childhood. His Mother was murdered when he was six years old.

He spent time in foster care, and boarding school.

Curry says he also spent time couch surfing with friends in the United States, and he spent time homeless.

Now, each design he creates is from a relative who lost their life, or some important part of his past – including his mother.

“I have about eight designs now.” he says of Infamous Native Clothing.

One popular design is his “Infamous Bless the Dead” which he co-created with a friend in his mother’s memory.

Sales are doing well on his social media, Facebook and Instagram.

He expects his website to be online by mid-April.

Asked if he can make a living with Infamous Clothing, he says “It pays the bills”, and he is projecting his sales to continue upwards.

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