Mohawks begin direct action to force missing, murdered inquiry

By Kenneth Jackson
APTN National News
The Mohawks of Tyendinaga have made the first move in their threat of direct action to force the prime minister to call a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women by putting up a blockade Sunday night.
The Mohawks cut off Shannonville road just south of Hwy. 401 at about 8:30 p.m. according to Shawn Brant.
“It’s happening,” Brant texted an APTN National News reporter.
The area is about 20 minutes east of Belleville, Ont. and close to Mohawk territory.
Both CN Rail and CP Rail run close together through the area. There are paths to the 401 from there as well that Brant and the Mohawks would be familiar with.
Brant called it “good positioning.”
Brant gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper until the end of February to call the inquiry or face direct action, but never heard from the prime minister.
Brant told APTN Sunday night they are digging in.
“We’re down for the long haul,” he said. “Harper will call it (an inquiry).”
Brant said about 100 men started at the blockade and Brant himself will be there “24/7”.
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4 thoughts on “Mohawks begin direct action to force missing, murdered inquiry

  1. Great…I support this 100% its been going on way too often and way too long..why is it that the Government doesn’t seem to care? per usual when it comes to aboriginal issues ??

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