MMIWG inquiry ‘forensic team’ probing police investigations: commissioners 

The MMIWG inquiry created to examine the disproportionate level of violence faced by Indigenous women and girls will “investigate the investigations” of police agencies across the country, according to the inquiry’s Chief Commissioner Marion Buller.

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1 thought on “MMIWG inquiry ‘forensic team’ probing police investigations: commissioners 

  1. Charmaine D'Amato says:

    The forensic team needs to investigate the scientific facts from the autopsy of Anna Mae Aquash. (including markings not investigated, but mentioned during the trial of Arlo Looking Cloud) This (long over due) investigation will clearly determine the innocence of two men and the guilt of one non Indigenous man.
    The trials concerning Ms Aquash, were based on the testimonies of people, all of whom had witnessed Ms Aquash stage her own disappearance, for the purpose of going into hiding at a safe house on December 12, 1975. Aquash was WANTED by the FBI at the time. She was also in fear for her life as one agent had threatened her life, and had been hunting her down for the purpose of having her sign a false affidavit against Leonard Peltier. With Ms Aquash gone the agent instead used a mentally challenged woman, Myrtle
    PoorBear, to sign the false affidavit against Leonard Peltier, and that is how Leonard Peltier was unjustly extradited and convicted.
    The trials of John Graham (unjustly extradited from Canada) and Arlo Looking Cloud, were based on hear say gossip, and a conspiracy theory, invented by a daughter of Ms Aquash. The forensic evidence clearly states that Ms Aquash died on February 14-18, 1976, not on the conspiracy theory date of December 12, 1975! Can we please get this cleared up?

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