MMF pledges reward money for MMIWG information, and cuts a big cheque to fight cancer

Jolene Banning
Nearly 3,000 delegates were in Winnipeg over the weekend for the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) annual general assembly.

The AGA was used as a time to gather and make plans for the future but to make some big announcements.

“We’re putting up a ten thousand dollar reward immediately for anyone that goes missing, anyone murdered,” announced MMF President David Chartrande.

“And if we can find a way to help solve that , find them, bring them home, we are going to give that reward to help the police get their job done.”

He also pledged his organization’s help for members who suffer in other ways.

“You know cancer hurts so many of us. I bet there’s not a person in this room, not one, that can say cancer has not affected your family, your friend or someone you know” said Chartrand.

Chartrand said thanks to numerous fundraising efforts over the years, the MMF was able to donate $1-million to Cancer Care Manitoba, an organization trying to cure this often fatal disease.

In attendance for opening remarks for the 51st edition of the annual general meeting were a who’s who of electoral delegates from all levels of government from Metis Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman, Metis Liberal MP Dan Vandel and provincial opposition leader Wab Kinew.

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1 thought on “MMF pledges reward money for MMIWG information, and cuts a big cheque to fight cancer

  1. why? i found a body in the red river last weekend and yes, i called the cops and a family got their daughter back. the news said thanks to the efforts of drag the red that woman was able to be buried by her family. the idea of reward money is a big stupid idea….drag the red has told me they do not need my help, nor do they want any information i have to give on things i’ve found on the river bank. this reward money is just going to bring out those who would exploit the genocide for financial gain.

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